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What is powder coating?


What about items that can’t be powder coated?


Liquid paint finishes, although not as common as they used to be, still have their place in specialist areas such as some structural steelwork and harsh exterior environments. We are fully equipped to apply most liquid paint systems.



Powder coating is an extremely durable and cost effective method of coating.


During the past twenty years, powder coating has become a standard finish on many products from retail displays to consumer electronics and structural steel


Powder coating is more environmentally friendly than most industrial liquid paints as it contains no volatile organic compounds which deplete the ozone layer


Because it contains no solvents items can be coated from start to finish in as little as 20 minutes


A finish is only as good as the surface it goes onto.

Our shot blasting facility has a capacity to blast items up to 8 meters long and 4 meters high.  Big enough for most railings, balustrades, staircases and most large items.  


A standard SA 2.5 gives an  ideal profile to ensure adhesion of subsequent coats of either wet paint or powder coatings.   


Talk to us about the right pre-treatment and de-greasing process for your substrate.  We have a range of options available from simple etch primers to multi-coat zinc systems